The State of Email Security Report

    Email insights at your email perimeter, inside your organization and beyond.

    Securing the Enterprise in the COVID World

    2020 brought the world not only a biological pandemic, but a cybercrime one as well. The global shift to remote and hybrid work forced organizations to pivot the way they operate practically overnight — with little to no preparation. And where most organizations saw crisis, cybercriminals saw opportunity.Download this report to see the drastic impact COVID had on the cyber threat landscape, as illuminated by 1,225 global IT decision makers and underscored by Mimecast Threat Center research. Our findings stress the importance of securing the enterprise at the perimeter, within the organization and beyond.

    As we head towards the light at the end of the pandemic, a new and uncertain digital normal awaits us. Use this report as the guide to help deliver continuous improvements to your cyber resilience strategy ina COVID world.