Cyber Resilience Starts with Email Security

    Threat Protection

    To maximize your protection against email-borne threats, Mimecast combines internally-developed and third‐party detective analytics with multiple internal and external threat intelligence sources. This provides you with a multi‐layered inspection system that is effective against both widely used, commodity attacks as well as highly targeted attacks.

    Mimecast’s integrated system collects a vast amount of threat intelligence to make your cyber resilience team more informed and corporate security systems smarter.



    Organizations need to move and adapt quickly to stay ahead of the latest attacks. Mimecast helps your organization adapt by leveraging third‐party threat intelligence, continually assessing and deploying leading technologies, conducting ongoing threat analysis, automating remediation services, and delivering inline user education to help employees be more aware and cautious.


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    Email may be forced offline by a cyberattack, or purposely by IT to contain a current threat. This can directly impact your business operations by preventing or limiting the ability to communicate. Access to files held in the email system can be impacted too.

    To prevent these types of outages, Mimecast provides an email system that remains 100% available while ensuring the integrity of the data stored within.


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