Make your IT team and security system smarter

Complex security challenges often lead to complex security ecosystems. Making it all work together is about more than optimizing investments. It’s about keeping your organization safe.

Connect Mimecast with your larger ecosystem and leverage data from the most targeted attack vector with the Mimecast API. Our continuously growing library of pre-built integrations and open standard, REST API make it fast and easy.

Connect, automate, optimize

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Connect, automate, optimize

  • Use a growing library of pre-built integrations or build your own
  • Take advantage of threat intelligence from the most widely used attack vector
  • Easily integrate with existing applications
  • Optimize email and complementary security services

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Secure Flexibility

Thanks to Mimecast’s multi-tenant cloud infrastructure, integration options are extensive, and flexibility is the name of the game. And because our APIs run on the Mimecast private cloud, they offer the same security and compliance safeguards applied to any Mimecast service.

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Remediation time reduced from 6,500 man-hours to 270

A large restaurant chain was regularly targeted with phishing emails that required investigation and action by its IT team, a process that took from one to three hours for each email. Amount of time spent addressing this one problem alone? Roughly 6500 man-hours a year.

There had to be a better way, and integration of its email security solution (Mimecast) with its SOAR provider (Demisto) turned out to be the answer.

By integrating Mimecast’s message search, URL decode, and block sender capabilities into Demisto, the company was able to reduce the time required to investigate and remediate phishing emails from 6500 hours a year to just 270.

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