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    What is Supply Chain Security?

    A supply chain attack is a strategy used by cybercriminals, where they break into a less secure network in order to infiltrate others that may be better defended. Cybercriminals want to use the attack as a doorway into other companies that are their real targets. As businesses outsource more and more of their activities, they become more vulnerable to this type of exploit. Consequently, supply chain attacks are on the rise.

    Multiple forms of protection, designed to complement each other

    • Get comprehensive real-time protection against malware-less supply chain cyber threats in inbound email.
    • Break through clutter and distraction to help employees recognize supply chain attacks and act appropriately.
    • Leverage the power of DMARC to protect business partners from supply chain cyberattacks that use emails to spoof your brand.


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    A complete approach to safeguarding business systems, employees and reputation

    Cybercriminals will exploit everything they can — including a company’s commitment to being a great business partner. They’ll impersonate you, your customers, and your suppliers to exploit the brand reputation you’ve taken years or decades to build. Supply chain attacks have emerged in recent years as a growing, spreading menace: Nearly half (47%) of respondents to Mimecast’s State of Email Security 2021 (SOES) survey saw an increase in phishing emails making fraudulent use of their company’s brands.

    Mimecast can help you resist all forms of supply chain attacks, to protect your email, technical infrastructure, brand and employees.


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    Help employees recognize sophisticated supply chain attacks

    Agile businesses train employees to prioritize quick response to customers, partners and their own remote colleagues. Now, with the industry’s most effective security awareness training, you can keep cybercriminals from using that agility against them.

    In just a few minutes a month, Mimecast Awareness Training’s mini-sitcoms and easy-to-customize phish testing help employees recognize risky social-engineered messages that impersonate partners, empowering them to follow established risk-reduction processes more scrupulously. Since risks linked to human behavior aren’t static, Mimecast Awareness Training tracks trends and refocuses training as appropriate to address new gaps or emerging supply chain attacks.


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    Deep content inspection blocks email-based supply chain attacks in real-time

    Mimecast's Targeted Threat Protection - Impersonation Protect gives businesses automated protection against supply chain attacks and other impersonations in email, at scale. Its deep inspection of content helps you block supply chain cyber threats without slowing delivery. Real-time scanning detects header anomalies, domain similarities across international character sets, suspicious new sending domains, suspect content and terminology, and more.

    It provides fine-grained control over how suspicious messages are handled, together with easy, centralized policy management and reporting. Plus, Mimecast’s off-the-shelf integrations and powerful open APIs enable rapid sharing of new attack data across a business’s security infrastructure — empowering endpoints, web gateways and other tools to recognize new supply chain attacks arriving via non-email vectors.


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    Protect business partners against domain spoofing that exploits your brand

    No matter how hard an organization works to protect its own people against external supply chain attacks, cybercriminals can impersonate your brand to attack partners and customers. And the bigger the brand, the more attractive the target. Mimecast DMARC Analyzer helps you defeat domain spoofing, protecting customers and suppliers — and your reputation.

    DMARC is as practical as it is powerful. With DMARC Analyzer, you can quickly identify email that uses your domains without authorization and instruct ISPs not to deliver it. Simple deployment and step-by-step tools help you gain 360-degree visibility over email, track performance, and continually improve enforcement, so you can deflect more email-based supply chain attacks over time.


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    Get started with Supply Chain Security