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    The Challenge

    To keep the performance and availability of email systems, organizations typically enforce a maximum size on email attachments. However, employees may need to send and receive files which exceed those limits. Without an easy to use alternative, employees will resort to using unauthorized and uncontrolled consumer-grade big file sharing services.

    This can lead to unintended consequences such as sensitive data remaining on insecure file sharing systems. Organizations need to enable employees to send and receive large files as a part of their email workflow, while enforcing compliance with security policies.

    Large File Send Datasheet

    Share Large Files With Your Colleagues And External Contacts Quickly, Easily, And Securely.

    If you are looking for a cloud-based big document sharing solution that simplifies large file sharing for users while keeping corporate information secure and safeguarding compliance – you are in the right place. Learn more with this datasheet.

    Large File Send Datasheet

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