Email Incident Response

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    What is Email Incident Response?

    Mimecast Email Incident Response lowers dwell time of cybersecurity threats, and reduces the burden of threat response and remediation on your security operations center (SOC). User-reported threats are routed to Mimecast’s SOC where they are automatically analyzed, triaged and prioritized for expert analyst classification and remediation.

    • Reduce your SOC’s workload, freeing them up to focus on investigating high priority alerts and meeting MTTD/MTTR goals.
    • Leverage rapid response and remediation to prevent an attacker gaining a foothold, enabling them to cover their tracks and progress the attack over a prolonged period.
    • Automatically remediate threats from all inboxes across the business, and forensic information is reported back to your security team for further investigation, if needed.

    Accelerate email incident response and reduce the burden on your SOC by routing user-reported threats directly to Mimecast.

    Email threats continue to increase in volume and sophistication, but thanks to security awareness training and technologies that reinforce the human firewall, users are empowered to report email threats. Yet, the skills gap has caused security teams to be overworked, and they experience alert fatigue.

    Email Incident Response removes the burden of analysis of user-reported suspicious emails, 90% of which can be benign. AI-powered automation tools analyze, triage and prioritize potential threats, and email meta data is enriched by intelligence from the Mime|OS platform. This enables Mimecast’s expert analysts to rapidly classify threats and remediate all instances across your business, helping you meet your MTTD and MTTR goals.

    Positive user communications encourage continued reporting without burdening the SOC, and security teams are empowered with forensic information that allows them to continue internal investigation if necessary.

    Ready to shorten your dwell time?

    Ready to shorten your dwell time?